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Burns & Partners provides companies with on and off site Health Coaches. Our coaches offer both individualized and group wellness programs, as well as a wide variety of workshops on nutrition, lifestyle and stress management. These high quality programs are customized to meet your company’s needs presenting a wide range of options such as: workshops, lectures, seminars, newsletters, hands on training in grocery shopping, and healthy cooking. Coaches can help to keep your employees motivated and engaged through company challenges. Our goal is to provide each employee tools and knowledge for gaining optimal health so they can achieve and maintain high quality performance and productivity both on and off the job.

Health Coaches use preventative measures to contribute additional value to both management and employees for overall wellness and health care needs which at the same time supports the company’s bottom line goals.   Incorporating Health Coaches into your company can assist in lower medical costs and absenteeism, as well as medical leaves. In addition to keeping the cost of health care expenses down, employee productivity can be greatly increased.

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